On Cloud Nine

Holkham Bay Receding Tide8.5 ” x ” 16Oil on PanelSOLD As a child I remember laying flat on my back making out the shapes of faces and animals in the clouds as they passed by overhead. As they traveled on their way the wind would change the shapes of the clouds and what I had … Continue reading On Cloud Nine

From the Fields

From the Fields8″x 8″Oil on Canvas PanelNFS With the relaxation of the lockdown restrictions I have been venturing further afield for my morning walks with the dogs at ridiculously early hours of the morning. I have missed walking on the coast and so recently I revisited one of my favourite haunts over at Salthouse to … Continue reading From the Fields

Takes the Biscuit

A Cuppa & Biscuits 18x14cm Oil on Linen SOLD Following a break from painting for my Open studio sale and various medical appointments I was eager to get back to painting some more these small Paintathon paintings. Sometimes enthusiasm overtakes everything else, as it did on this occasion. I made an early start in my … Continue reading Takes the Biscuit