Egg Me On

Egg Me On Oil on Linen 18x14cm SOLD Life isn’t without its ups and downs and last week was a mixed bag. I was back and forth to the dentist with toothache and a swollen face and have been referred to Hospital for surgery. Goodie. That upheaval had a bit of negative impact on my … Continue reading Egg Me On


Cocky 8″x 8″ Oil on Canvas SOLD Yesterday I spent some time down at Goggs Mill Lane where the chickens and poultry live. There is a young Cockerel there who is a real character. Bundles of energy and very noisey he spends the day sending chickens and ducks fleeing is all directions. He is cocky. … Continue reading Cocky

Grub Up!

Pie and a Pint 18x14cm Oil on Linen SOLD Other than the occasional bit of chicken I don’t eat meat so having a pork pie in the house is something my dog picks up on very quickly. He has eaten the missing portion of the pie already and eager to join me back down in … Continue reading Grub Up!

Looking Rosy

White Roses 18x14cm Oil on Linen SOLD Its not raining today and the forecast is suggesting that it’s not due to rain again here in North Norfolk for over a week. Not sure I believe the forecast though. When I moved here six years ago I mentioned to a local that the weather forecast was … Continue reading Looking Rosy