Ponder & Potter Time

Sweet Clems 14x18cm Oil on Linen SOLD I haven’t posted for a while as I have been planning work for forthcoming exhibitions. Typically I spend most of this time working on compositions – experimenting with new ideas and different props for still lifes and drawing and painting thumbnail sketches of these over different picture plane … Continue reading Ponder & Potter Time

2020 Workshop Dates

Painting Lively Still Lives 2 Day Workshops in Holt Norfolk UK £150 Level: Beginner to Intermediate I will take you through composition, draughtsmanship, rendering form and what nobody told you about colour. The group is limited to just 6 people so there is plenty of opportunity to learn individually from my experience, mistakes and frustrations … Continue reading 2020 Workshop Dates


Trinity 18x14cm Oil on Linen Sometimes, as with this painting, I am undecided as to how I am going to render the subject matter. After much deliberation, many cups of tea and  too many biscuits I might have a vague idea of what I’m after. I’ll say to myself “Well I’d better make a start” … Continue reading Trinity

Short Dark and Cold

Epoisses & Rioja 18 x 14cm Oil on Linen SOLD Back in the sweltering heat of the summer the manufacturers of the log cabin (my studio) at the end of my garden assured me that I would be ‘toasty’ in there with a small heater throughout the winter. Sadly this hasn’t been the case. I … Continue reading Short Dark and Cold

Empty Promises

Wendy’s Blue Jug 18x14cm Oil on Linen SOLD Well its raining again . . . that’s reassuring. It doesn’t seem to have deterred the locals from voting though. I’ve just been to vote and our local polling station is busy. Maybe one of the party’s manifesto includes a promise to stop the rain – and … Continue reading Empty Promises

Propped Up

  Love Heart Mugs Oil on Linen 18x14cm SOLD I found these short mugs in a local charity shop. I thought that they would be fun to paint and the muted pastel colours would shift my palette. The colours of the mugs stacked like this reminded me of ‘Love Hearts’ sweets that we used to … Continue reading Propped Up