Fragrant Day

Fragrant Day 6 x 6″ Oil on Canvas Panel £99 Click Here to Purchase If anyone wants me tell them I’m in the bath. Many thanks to Brett, Kent, Danny and Harry from for coming out to install a new boiler for me under difficult circumstances. They were all reasonably tall incidentally. Until the … Continue reading Fragrant Day

It never rains . . .

One Green Bottle 12″ x 8″ Oil on Panel Framed £250.00 Click Here to Purchase . . .it pours. At the turn of the year when we were experiencing very heavy rainfall in  Norfolk I was putting some things in my loft when I discovered that the roof was leaking everywhere. My heart sank knowing … Continue reading It never rains . . .

At Home

At Home 8″ x 8″ Oil on Linen £160 Click Here to Purchase For an Artist self isolation is pretty much the norm. It’s what most of us crave – solitude, peace and quiet. The conditions for concentration and inspiration. Over the coming weeks it’s very likely that increasing numbers of people will be self … Continue reading At Home


Norfolk Jonquils 3 18x14cm Oil on Linen £99 Click Here to Purchase I often use coloured card in my set up and following on from the yesterday here is the same subject with a high chroma background. . . . a bit different then? . . . . Continue reading Green!

Variations on a Theme

Norfolk Jonquils 2 18x14cm Oil on Linen £99 Click Here to Purchase Doing a short series of paintings with the same subject matter is an interesting challenge. While I am creating these still life set ups I fiddle with the positioning of the subject, alter the lighting and experiment with different coloured backgrounds to create … Continue reading Variations on a Theme