Empty Promises

Wendy’s Blue Jug 18x14cm Oil on Linen SOLD Well its raining again . . . that’s reassuring. It doesn’t seem to have deterred the locals from voting though. I’ve just been to vote and our local polling station is busy. Maybe one of the party’s manifesto includes a promise to stop the rain – and … Continue reading Empty Promises

Propped Up

  Love Heart Mugs Oil on Linen 18x14cm SOLD I found these short mugs in a local charity shop. I thought that they would be fun to paint and the muted pastel colours would shift my palette. The colours of the mugs stacked like this reminded me of ‘Love Hearts’ sweets that we used to … Continue reading Propped Up

Takes the Biscuit

A Cuppa & Biscuits 18x14cm Oil on Linen SOLD Following a break from painting for my Open studio sale and various medical appointments I was eager to get back to painting some more these small Paintathon paintings. Sometimes enthusiasm overtakes everything else, as it did on this occasion. I made an early start in my … Continue reading Takes the Biscuit

Studio Sale

Thank you to everyone who came to my Winter Open Studios during the past few days. And of course a big thank you to those of you who took a painting away with you. A reminder that I had intended to be open tomorrow but now have a hospital appointment in Sussex so will have … Continue reading Studio Sale

The Mystery Sonatas

  Biber Oil on Linen 18x14cm £75 Click Here to Purchase When I moved into my shiny new studio I decided that the stereo from the house was coming down there with me. I figured (correctly as it turns out) that I would be spending most of my time there so that’s where I would … Continue reading The Mystery Sonatas

Egg Me On

Egg Me On Oil on Linen 18x14cm SOLD Life isn’t without its ups and downs and last week was a mixed bag. I was back and forth to the dentist with toothache and a swollen face and have been referred to Hospital for surgery. Goodie. That upheaval had a bit of negative impact on my … Continue reading Egg Me On